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Teacher Teaching Teachers

By Callie Wyatt/Photo Editor

BR art teacher Sarrah Dibble-Camburn was looking for a way to bring teachers together while offering them something fun and creative to do when she decided to teach adult art classes.

Camburn teaches the class once a month on Wednesdays and calls the class “Adult Art Night.”

“I love this class! I thought it would be a great way to get teachers together and do something fun and creative. When you are working, taking care of family and so many other adult things. It makes it hard to fit fun and creative things into a busy schedule. I really feel its important for people of all ages to have a creative outlet,” she says.

AP government teacher Alicia Ross says she went to Art Night because “it was a great chance to both learn something new and socialize with co-workers. I also was surprised by how much I enjoyed painting and that I produced something I was proud of. I expected it to be fun. However, given my inexperience and lack of natural ability, I expected the picture to be comically bad! But, I have actually hung it up at home and feel good about what I learned and did that night.”

Camburn says teaching adults is quite different from teaching school students.

“Elementary students are fearless art makers. High school students are usually timid art makers. Adults are scared. Well not all adults, but many of them. I think as we get older we get away from making things, so we get out of practice in making those kind of creative decisions. We also second guess ourselves so as adults we need to be brave and trust our creative instincts,” she says.

Ross says she was drawn to the class for two main reasons.

“I know that Mrs. Dibble-Camburn is a great teacher. I haven’t taken art class since eighth grade and I wanted to stretch my brain by doing something out of my comfort zone.”

Camburn says a lack of familiarity with art can be intimidating to those adults who haven’t dabbled in art since their own school days.

“The more you do something, the more familiar you are with it. I hate it when someone says I can’t even draw a stick figure. I will never believe it! Everyone has a creative face in them. It just needs to be discovered.”

For Ross, the class was a positive experience.

“I loved it!”



Callie Wyatt
Callie Wyatt
High school senior, Callie Wyatt is a first year Raider Reader staff member and photo editor. She has played basketball and softball ever since she was little, and has played volleyball for two years. She is also an active member in the National Honor Society, Leo Club, SADD, and Prom Committee.

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