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Sweater Weather

By: Peyton Gelinger/Sophomore Writer

With the colder weather approaching and the arrival of fall, seasonal style changes are soon to hit Blue Ridge High School. The trends change from year to year which leads to one question: Are you following this years trends?

Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are great for the fall weather. They keep you warm for chilly weather, yet they are also very trendy and can go with almost anything. You can also wear them to dress up, or to just chill out around the house in.

Photo By KayLeen Conklin

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans in the last couple of years and especially  this year have become really popular. You basically can’t walk down the street or the halls without seeing them! Almost everywhere is selling them with various sizes for the holes, but you would have to keep the schools dress code in mind if you plan to wear these jeans to school. Leggings underneath are both comfortable and warm, perfect for fall.

Photo By KayLeen Conklin


Basically all boots are in, although short ankle boots are dominating fashion trends. You can look casual and comfortable. As an athlete, you can wear them to dress up for game day. You can also wear them to look nice. Also, you can get them in any color to match your style.

Photo By KayLeen Conklin


Some people may associate sweaters with winter, but they are popular in the fall. It can be perfect for those colder days in the fall. It’s another type of outfit that you can wear to dress up, be comfortable while staying at home, or even a night out.


A couple of years ago infinity scarfs were all the rage. They still are popular, but blanket scarfs may steal the spotlight very soon! Scarfs are an accessory! You can match scarfs with a dress or a shirt. If you love wearing scarfs you will be able to wear them in the winter months to come.

Photo By KayLeen Conklin

Although there is going to be new trends and new clothes every year, wear what makes you comfortable. One of the coolest parts about fashion is making your style unique. Have fun with what you wear and enjoy the pumpkin spice while it’s here!


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Peyton Gelinger
Peyton Gelinger
Peyton Gelinger is a senior in High School. She is a player for the blue ridge Lady raiders varsity  volleyball team and a competitive dancer. When she is not busy doing her school work along with sports Peyton loves to spend time with her family and friends. She planes to attend college to major is Sociology / Human services At Indiana University Of Pennsylvania. 
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