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Superbowl LIII Recap

By: Tyler Hillard/Sports Editor

The New England Patriots held the Los Angeles Rams to three points to squeak out a 13-3 win and their sixth Super Bowl. Leading up to Superbowl LIII in Atlanta Sunday, fans around America wondered if the game would live up to the hype. Excluding Patriots fans, the answer is no, it didn’t live up to the hype, as it was the lowest scoring Superbowl ever. The night began with a performance of “America The Beautiful” by Chloe Multiplied By Halle. Gladys Knight then sang “The Star-Spangled Banner,”.

Then came game time. Sean Mcvay, the youngest to coach in the Superbowl ever,  couldn’t out-offense the defensive wizard, Bill Belichick. The Rams averaged the second best in the league 32.9 points per game but were no match for a veteran-filled Patriots defense. Perhaps the most interesting highlight was by Johnny Hekker. Yeah, the punter. He pulled off a 65-yard punt for the Rams, the longest in Super Bowl history, one of the 14 punts that game…how exciting.

Towards the end of the game, Tom Brady threw two perfect passes to Rob Gronkowski to set up rookie Sony Michel’s 2-yard score, the only touchdown in the lowest-scoring Super Bowl ever. That put New England up 10-3. A late field goal clinched the game 13-3. To have a chance of coming back The Rams would have to make the field goal, cover an onside kick, and then score on a miracle hail marry or hook and ladder play. But instead, they couldn’t accomplish the first step. Rams kicker, Greg Zuerlein, missed a 48-yard attempt wide left to end the game. Though it didn’t mean anything to the outcome of the game it did for one person.

The South Point Casino reportedly took a $250 bet on the Rams scoring only 3 points. The odds of that happening were 400-1. Meaning the $250 bet placed cashed out for $100,000.

Julian Edelman went on to win MVP racking up 10 receptions for 141 yards. The Patriots now join the Pittsburgh Steelers as the only NFL franchises with six Super Bowls.


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Tyler Hillard
Tyler Hillard
Tyler Hillard is a senior in his second year of journalism. Tyler is also a three-sport varsity athlete competing in baseball, basketball and golf. Besides a constant life of sports he is an avid outdoors-men and loves debating politics.
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