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Sunscreen: Pros and Cons

By: Christie Baldwin/ Junior Writer

As you may know the Band and Chorus program went to the Sunshine State (Florida) to perform. During their visit they soaked up the sun like Sheryl Crow. Many of the students got sunburn from an overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation; where an excessive amount is dangerous to the skin.

Sunscreen is dangerous to corals and marine life. Sunscreen doesn’t always stay on your skin when you are swimming in a sea/ocean or when you take a shower it washes off and enters our waterways. 

There are two main types of sunscreen, organic and inorganic. Organic sunscreen takes the UV radiation, absorbs it, and turns it into a small amount of heat. Organic sunscreens may contain PABA derivatives, cinnamates, salicylates, and benzophenones. Whereas, inorganic sunscreens have the ability to reflect and scatter UV radiation. Inorganic sunscreens may contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Inorganic sunscreens also tend to be less irritating to the skin.

There are many different forms of sunscreen too. There are creams, lotions, gels, sticks, and sprays.

There isn’t a specific brand of sunscreen that is better than another, according to (, “Brand matters less than how you use the product. Look for water-resistant, broad-spectrum coverage with an SPF of at least 30. Check the sunscreen’s expiration date.” 

Just recently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put out a warning saying that certain chemicals in sunscreen can be absorbed in your bloodstream. Basically ingredients in sunscreen are able to travel through the skin and build up within the bloodstream. Some heath risks that could be caused from this are developmental, reproductive, and cancer-related issues.


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