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Succeeding As An Artist

by: Dorie Penny/ Editor-In-Chief


Going into high school, you’re expected to know what you want to do, when you want to do it, and where you think you would want to go to learn about it. Artistic professions have been looked down upon for years due to their overwhelming population of “starving artists”. But there are so many different kinds of jobs that an artist can have! The art industry, in my opinion, is booming.


Despite popular belief, getting a job in the art industry doesn’t just mean that you’re getting a degree just to learn how to paint. Some of the most popular artistic professions are graphic design, photography, web page design, etc. Advertisement has never been this popular, and being an artist isn’t as much as a struggle as it used to be.


There are jobs being created that no one thought would ever exist. Makeup artists, art therapists, video game design, visual effects animation, web page designer, etc.


“Technology has opened the art world up into a whole new universe.  There are so many directions you could go.  The problem is narrowing it down, which means you need to do a lot of research.  Figure out what’s out there.  You will never know if you don’t investigate.” Says high school art teacher Sarrah Camburn.


Speaking of technology, getting your artwork out into the world wide web is of utmost importance. With websites called RedBubble, Etsy, and Deviantart it’s not hard to show the world your art.


“You will also need to build a diverse portfolio to help you get into a school/university.  This is something you can start doing early.  The more you have, the more you have to pick from.  If you are choosing a specialized area, you will need to gear your portfolio toward those skills.” Says Camburn.


Moral of the story is, don’t let stereotypes hold you back. If you want to pursue art full time, go for it. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it in the end.


“The most important thing, as an artist, is your motivation.  You have to understand that you will need to work harder than you ever have.  You will put out a lot of energy.  The energy you put out may not come back to you right away, maybe even for a long, long time.  But, it will eventually.” Says Camburn.



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Dorie Penny
Dorie Penny

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