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Students Thoughts on E-Hall Pass

By: Gehrig Dibble/Junior Writer

What is E-Hall Pass:

Many students at Blue Ridge feel negatively about the E-Hall Pass Policy.  For some background; According to the E-Hall Pass Website, “With the E-Hall pass, you can track and monitor the time students spend in corridors, thereby increasing accountability and safety. If you have hallway traffic data, it will be easy to determine who is in the hallway in an emergency.”  This is the current pass system at Blue Ridge since they did away with the old pass system.  Although some students think very negatively of the system, there are still many things that are improved upon from the old pass system.

Why The Change To E-Hall Pass:

With the previous system, many problems arose with it.  For example, with the old paper passes or “passports” many students complained about how this was also a hassle. Furthermore these passes were messy and some students would often be out in the halls unaccounted for.  Because of this, changes had to be made, thus E-Hall Pass was born at Blue Ridge.

Student Interviews and Opinions:  

We asked Junior Jaydon Barile what his thoughts were on the E-Hall Pass.

I asked, “How do you feel about E-Hall Pass?”

He responded with,” I don’t really like it that much, because it takes more time to do that than to just ask the teacher to go”

I followed up with, “What is a possible solution for the pass issue?”

Jaydon stated, ” That his ideal pass system is to just ask the teacher to go and if they take too long the teacher can just figure out where they went since that doesn’t happen that often”

With one negative opinion already about E-hall pass, I wanted to see what other students thought.

So, we asked Senior Steven Loby what he also thought about E-Hall Pass.

Steven said, ” I think the E-Hall pass is a very distracting way when having to use the facilities here at the school.”

I also asked Steve, “What are the negatives of E-Hall Pass?”

He said, “As a student it’s just kinda annoying to have to have to use your chromebook instead of just going to the bathroom.”

When asked about the positives of it, he could not come up with any.

Most students at Blue Ridge don’t necessarily like E-hall pass, but the school has a valid reason to use it and it’s not too much of a hassle but I’ll let you decide what side your on.

Teacher Interviews/Opinions:

To get the schools point of view on E-Hall Pass we asked Mrs. Bailey a few questions.

First we asked what are your thoughts on the E-Hall Pass system?

Mrs. Bailey responded with “I can see the positives in the program, but as a classroom teacher, I find it cumbersome at times. I get going into a lot of things in class and forget to stop and create a pass for when someone has to go to the office, etc. I do see how it can be a useful tool in terms of limiting certain students interactions in the hallway”

Then we asked, “Do you think it is less or more convenient than the previous pass system?”

And she stated, “Personally, I find it less convenient. For instance, in my case the bathroom is right across the hall from my room. It takes longer for students to make the pass than to just run over. On the other hand, it can limit those from constantly trying to just go to the bathroom.”

To finish things up we asked, “How would you personally want the pass system at Blue Ridge to be like?”

She said, “I would be okay with the old system in place, but I saw that abuse with that program. I believe the e-hall pass system has cut down on random wandering that would happen with the old system.”

We also asked High School Principal Mrs. Webster why did the school change to E-Hall Pass in which she said, “We purchased the program because we needed to track students use of facilities and it’s an easy way to see where students are at all times.”


With E-Hall Pass controversy, there are 2 sides to the argument, and I feel as if each side has a valid argument.

Read more opinion pieces here:

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Gehrig Dibble
Gehrig Dibble
Gehrig Dibble is 16 years old and is currently a Junior at Blue Ridge HIgh School. He lives in New Milford, PA.  He hopes to do well in high school so he can hopefully attend college.  He is undecided on what he wants to do in the future. This is Gehrig’s first year in journalism and he hopes to bring attention to events at Blue Ridge that are often overlooked.
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