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Students Place 2nd at STEM Comp.

By: Skylar Secord/Content Editor

This past Monday, February 27, four students from Mr. Sokoloski’s Computer Science class attended the Governor’s PA STEM Competition.  The students left early in the morning on Monday and traveled to Dunmore High School for the day to showcase a piece of technology they designed and constructed on their own.  The students had to build something with information from their STEM class that was new and original.  The students, Logan Burdick, Dane Beers, Jordan Mann, and Daniel Tierney, designed a device that would electronically sign students in and out of classrooms.  This would ensure that the location of a student is always known and that students would no longer have to sign out by hand when they need to get somewhere.  At the competition, the four placed second out of six groups of students from nearby schools.

The competition began at 9 AM when the six schools arrived at Dunmore and ended promptly at 2:30 PM.  Over the course of the competition, students had to present their inventions with a power point and demonstrate how the device or software works.  After this was done the students had to participate in a mini-competition.  They were given tin foil, twelve feet of duct tape, and two dixie cups to build a boat.  Whatever team could fit the most amount of pennies into their boat won.  Coincidentally our team won second in this competition as well.

Burdick enjoyed his experience and says, “This competition was extremely fun, and really helped us further our coding and building skills. I wish I could participate again but unfortunately, I’m a senior. “


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