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Students’ Jobs Outside of School

By: Gehrig Dibble/Junior Writer

Do you know the life of a typical high school student? Often, people just view students as students, athletes, or both. Sometimes the time and effort students put into their jobs outside of school goes unrecognized.  Yet, many students at Blue Ridge High school work a wide variety of jobs.  This includes the vast fast food industry and specialized jobs, such as car detailing services. Nonetheless, all of these students’ efforts are typically underappreciated and they are not given enough credit for their time management skills and ability to balance work and school.

Jackson Donovan Selfie


Junior Jackson Donovan works about 20 hours per week at the Burger King in Great Bend Pennsylvania.

“I have little free time as I use most of the time that I am off to work to prepare myself every day to try and perform my very best at school,” he says.

Photo of junior Patience Luce by: Maxton Ksenich/Raider Reader Photographer

Junior Brian Derrick and his friend Ryan Scott run their own car detailing business.

According to Derrick, despite working most weekends he and Ryan maintain a place on the honor roll. 

Derrick says: “We work most weekends detailing customer’s cars, so I study every week night. I manage my time by prioritizing my school work and by doing what needs to be done before I do something fun.”

Derrick says he also manages to have time for fun activities.

“I work out at the Blue Ridge Health Club with my friends. It’s a good bonding time. We work out and we visit.”

Derrick believes having a job while attending high school is “character building.”

Photo of Junior Brian Derrick Taken by Photograper Gehrig Dibble

“I think I’ve learned responsibility and developed a work ethic, which I think is very important.”


Blue Ridge junior Patience Luce works at McDonald’s, Hallstead, PA about eight hours a week in order to save for a car.

“I work one day a week on Sundays for eight hours, but during the week I have basketball until six, so I either do my homework before practice or do it on the way to my games.”

Luce says being able to juggle work, sports and school is satisfying.

“I love playing basketball and I like working because I get a good outcome. It makes me mentally stronger.”

Luce, who is also a straight A student, says the trick is to carefully blend all of the aspects of life together.

She advises, “Balance your time in a way that works for you. Don’t over-schedule yourself. I also think it is important to have downtime.”

Luce says she unwinds with her grandparents.

“I watch TV with my grandparents, or play cards with them. It is fun spending time with them. It also helps with stress. It’s a good stress reliever.”

Overall, Luce says, juggling work, sports and school “makes me stronger and makes me able to build more skills.”

Junior Kassidy Delaney works 13 hours a week at Burger King in Hallstead, PA and says she had to learn how to blend school and work.

“It got easier the longer I was working. I feel like I try to focus on school when I’m there, focus on work when I’m at Burger King and I just try to do missing school work in between and hang out with my friends whenever I can.”

Delaney says she wouldn’t discourage anyone from trying to work and go to school at the same time.

“I enjoy the people I work with. I definitely recommend working at Burger King or another job to anyone who needs the work experience or needs money.”

As for why she works, Delaney says: I have a high-maintenance life style. A lot of the things I want or like tend to be expensive. For example, I want a new phone that costs $800 on its own.


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Gehrig Dibble
Gehrig Dibble
Gehrig Dibble is 16 years old and is currently a Junior at Blue Ridge HIgh School. He lives in New Milford, PA.  He hopes to do well in high school so he can hopefully attend college.  He is undecided on what he wants to do in the future. This is Gehrig’s first year in journalism and he hopes to bring attention to events at Blue Ridge that are often overlooked.
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