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Student Teacher: Grace Ives

By: Trista Stone/Junior Writer

Student teacher Grace Ives worked with Blue Ridge English teacher Katie Brown for roughly eight weeks, from the middle of February through mid-April.

What college or university do you attend?

Grace Ives: “I attended Clarks Summit University for my bachelor’s in education. It is a small, welcoming college in South Abington, about 40 minutes from Blue Ridge. Along with my education degree, I also earned a degree in theological studies and a minor in music.”

What life experiences influenced your decision to become a teacher?

Grace Ives: “I have been a teacher for my entire life. My brothers, my stuffed animals, and my dolls were my first students. I made worksheets and seating charts, packed lunches, created a makeshift classroom in my own bedroom. I loved grading with my red-colored pencil. However, I did not decide to pursue teaching as a career until high school. While sifting through career options, teaching stood out to me as a way to use my life well. Impacting and guiding young people, teaching them the nuances and importance of language, is enjoyable to me and also meaningful.”

What will you do next?

Grace Ives: “After Blue Ridge, I will head home to my family in Connecticut and plan for a wedding! My wonderful fiancé, Brogan and I, will marry in June and live in the Scranton area. I am hoping to step into a full-time teaching position as soon as possible.”

Is there any other information we should know about you?

Grace Ives: “I am forever thankful for the time spent at Blue Ridge. Miss Brown is an inspiration and has taught me so much. She cares deeply for all of her students and gives them her best every single day. It has been an honor to be her student teacher. Good luck to all of you as you study and learn. Stay curious. Work Hard. Do great things. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for welcoming me into the Blue Ridge family!”


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Trista Stone
Trista Stone
Trista Stone is a senior in her second year of journalism. Trista participates in softball and basketball cheerleading. She plans to attend college after graduation to become an occupational therapist! In her free time she likes to hangout with friends and go shopping:)
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