Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Student Survey for School

By: Breanna Derrick/Junior Writer

This school year has been a different one with so many things changing from day to day. Such as online school/Remote school, wearing masks to school, and the list keeps going on. Most students are having mixed emotions about it such as Alexander Daley, a senior at Blue Ridge High School. “I am at crossroads probably like many other students. I like seeing my friends but I’m nervous for future events. Will things close down again? Is theater even going to happen this year?”.

With things being so unsure it has had an impact on the students. There are some activities being resume such as sports, but musicals and concerts have not been able to resume as normal. The school was not able to have a middle school musical production due to COVID-19, but plans on having a high school musical production near the end of May.

When school participates in online learning it can hard for students to be able to use their voice with Zoom. Students are unsure how to participate with Zoom and struggle to be able to maintain their focus. A Junior Milia Stilloe said “I like being in-person way more than I do online. When I’m in school I can learn better because I can talk to my teachers face to face and do notes in person. When were online and I need help, it’s more difficult to reach my teachers online.” After hearing from those students it’s known that although this school year has been difficult, it’s been a blessing in disguise as well.

Even though some students are having problems with learning alone and keeping focused, they have found a way to overcome these obstacles and push forward to be better students.

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Breanna Derrick
Breanna Derrick is a first year journalist student at blue ridge high school. She is very artistic, creative, and hard working. Her life goals include being in media, or journalism in any such way. Breanna dream’s  to one day be a huge actress, and to be able to work on a movie set.


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