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Student Jobs

By: Elizabeth Smith/Sophomore Writer

There are many students in the Blue Ridge community that have jobs. Some students have a job that fits their future career goals. Others may have a job strictly to earn extra money. Their job experiences, whether or not they are part of a future career plan, seem to prepare students for life as adults.

Senior Renzie Tanzini, who works at Blue Stone Pizzeria says: “I take care of my responsibilities and necessities with my job, and it is also helping me prepare for the real world after high school.”

Another senior, Christie Baldwin, says her job has taught her how to deal with people.

“I have learned that some people are nice–and some are not, but generally I get along with my co-workers and we work as a team.”

Cameron Franks, employed by Jim Schell’s Home Improvement, mainly focuses on his schoolwork rather than actual work.

“School is more important than work at this age, considering I’m going to be working the rest of my life. “

Senior Brandon Bartkus works at New Milford Hardware as a multi-tasker who stocks shelves and helps customers solve electrical and plumbing issues.

“I really love that I can come to school, yet leave early to earn a living.” 

For Bartkus, the job has been a great training opportunity. 

“One day I hope to be either going to trade school for plumbing or achieving a higher position at the hardware store.”


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Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Liz Smith is a sophomore who hopes to study criminal justice after highschool. Liz loves animals, especially horses and donkeys. In her free time, Liz can be found caring for animals on a friends farm, horseback-riding or in the barn. Liz also volunteers for AWANA on Friday nights.
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