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Stranger Things…Is it Worth Binge Watching?

Social Media Director/Alexa Stanley

Demogorgons, the Mind Flayer, and the Upside Down…OH MY!  Around the halls of Blue Ridge, teachers and students have been non-stop talking about the new season of “Stranger Things”. Season 2 was released to Netflix on October 27th and Blue Ridge has had nothing but good reviews on the show’s series! According to www.rottentomatoes.com the average audience score showed that 92% of the audience liked the show. The Raider Reader asked around the school to get some of the campus’s opinions on the new popular television show.

“I like how it is set back in the past and has sci-fi elements. It’s suspenseful and funny and at end the end of each episode it makes you want to keep watching.” Stated a current senior, Kelsey Gentile.

The show has a numerous amount of plot changes as five friends take on the evil “Upside Down” world. But what makes this show so original? Well, the show takes place in the 80’s in a small town called Hawkins. Although the genre is science fiction, it also portrays horror and drama which draws in a various amount of viewers! Still not interested? Here’s another opinion on the show from another current senior, Kalynne Myers.

“I think it’s so interesting to have a TV show that goes back in time. It’s a show like nothing else.”

If these opinions and reviews struck interest in you, sign up for Netflix today and get started on your Stranger Things binge watch!


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