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Sport Feature: Isaiah Rosa

Courtney Marvin/ Sophomore Writer 

Isaiah Rosa is a senior at Blue Ridge High School. He starting playing sports when he was four years old. His favorite is football. He play football, basketball, and baseball. In football he is a defense of tackle. He said he has too many favorite memories, but one that stands out is when he made a interception against Carbondale . Isaiah’s favorite coach is Jack Beamer, the assistant coach of the Susquehanna Sabers Varsity football team. His number in football is 53. He said he has a favorite member of the football team,  is his brother JJ. He wants to continue some if not all of these sports after he graduates from high school. Isaiah has been playing football, basketball, and baseball of 13 years.

Isaiah’s Quote is Yolo.


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Courtney Marvin
Courtney Marvin
Courtney Marvin is a sophomore at Blue Ridge High School. She enjoys doing football cheer and Basketball cheer. This is her first year in journalism. She is very energetic and creative.
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