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Snow Plow Sneak Peak

By Kassidy Potter / Senior Writer

Recently at the Blue Ridge High School there was a contest involving snow plows! The contest was to see which artist was to get to design plows for the New Milford Township.

The New Milford Township’s snow plows were looking a little dull, so the township proposed an idea to the Blue Ridge school district. They wanted the school to pick three artists to paint the plows, they would then judge the plows themselves, giving them 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, they would then all be used to plow the roads throughout the winter. The school agreed and the students all submitted their ideas on paper, they would then all go through a judging process and the lucky three would be chosen. These artists would then transfer their idea onto the plow.

The three students chosen were Dorie Penny, Jade Viruet, and Mikhala Griemsmann.

Dorie Penny is doing a Colorful eye/lotus flower combination that’s more beautiful than it sounds.

Jade Viruet’s design is galaxy themed and is truly transforming.

Mikhala Griemsmann is doing a snowboarder, which truly gets you into the winter spirit.

The artists are using rust-oleum paint on the plows, which includes mostly spray paint and other types of paint that could be considered hard to work with. This will hopefully allow the paint to stay on the plows throughout the winter.

If by the end of the winter season the plows are chipped or looking a little worse for the wear, the competition for painting the plows will commence once again in the beginning of the 2016 fall season.


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