Friday, January 28, 2022

Snow: Late April Fools’ Day Prank?

By: Faith Parkhurst/Junior Writer

It’s Wednesday, April 21, and most of the east coast is experiencing heavy rainfall, or snow! April is the month when people begin to think about the warm months ahead, flowers, and new life, rather than snow and cold weather. The snow started early in morning at about 11 AM and quickly progressed from aggressive small flakes to large ones. It makes some wonder about those who have started their gardens and farmers who have planted their fields. Will we have to worry about a production shortage this fall? Only time will tell.

BR senior Alexis Parks says: “It truly threw me for a loop. There shouldn’t be snow in April.”

It is clear this snow is unwelcomed as people can only describe it as “annoying” and “ridiculous”. In any case, it seems that the Earth is playing a 20-day late April Fools’ joke on us, or is just holding us on our toes.

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Faith Parkhurst
Faith Parkhurst is a Blue Ridge junior and first year journalism student. Faith is an avid baker who hopes to own her own bakery some day. In her spare time, Faith enjoins all types of art, especially drawing. Faith wishes to pursue a carrier in nursing as either a labor and delivery or NICU nurse. She loves animals and also hopes to have a small homestead with various livestock.


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