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Snow Days and Their Consequences

By: Emma Glezen/Content Editor

Everyone loves a snow day here and there throughout the winter, but do they really think of the consequences that are lurking in the near future?  Blue Ridge recently had a couple of snow days between January and February and now the students have to make them up on days which would have otherwise been a break.

Due to snow days on January 17th and February 7th, the students now lose the Friday and Monday of their President’s Day break.

Even though many students were happy to have the day off and many two hour delays, snow days hold some negativity to them. Before they tag days onto the end of the year, students’ shorter breaks start to get taken away. For example, this coming weekend would have been President’s Day break, with a half-day Thursday and no school Friday or Monday. Now, however, students only have the half-day on Thursday, for student-teacher conferences, with school in session on Friday and Monday.

So on one hand, due to only two snow days, the students lose what would have been a long weekend.  Although on the other hand, those days are not tagged onto the end of the school year so school lets out at the same time as planned.

Many people are against this method and would prefer for the days to just be added to the end of the year while many students agree that going to school on breaks is the better choice. Alison Marshman and Miranda Woosman agree with the current method of taking away from the breaks throughout the year.

Marshman says that it depends on the holiday.

Whereas Woosman just says, “They don’t necessarily need to be made up, it depends on how bad the weather was.”


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