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Ski Club to Hit the Slopes Soon

By: PiperJo Tripp/Sophomore Writer

Ski season is right around the corner and many students at Blue Ridge are looking forward to hitting the slopes at Elk Mountain Ski Resort, Uniondale, PA as part of the school’s ski club.

Club Advisor Janelle Tench’s family: Miles, Delaney and Ryan Tench

According to the club’s advisor, Janelle Tench, students benefit “by learning a life-time skill at a reduced cost that includes skiing lessons, transportation to and from the resort, and time spent with friends and family in the the fresh air.”

Starting February 5, 2022, club members will leave each Thursday after school and head to the mountain and ski until 9 p.m.

Club member Natalie Kowaleski says, “It is a welcoming place and they always allow you to do what you want to do, but make sure you’re safe.”

Long-time ski club chaperone and high school teacher Ben Orner will be traveling with the Elementary Ski Club and says: ” I’m excited to ski with my entire family. I can’t wait to go on the day trails. It is so much more open, so I’m hoping to take some new trails. I’m also looking forward to the COVID-19 regulations being much more lenient.”

This year’s middle school and high school chaperones include Spanish teacher Tobias Percario, tech teacher Angie Zick and the club’s advisor Janelle Tench.

The seven-visit cost for lift and lesson is $169; lift, rental and lesson is $209. Family members and friends are also allowed to sign up and take advantage of the pricing, but must provide their own transportation to and from the mountain and must attend during the ski club’s Thursday night slot.

“It is such a great family activity,” says Tench. “I really enjoy spending that time with the students and my family.”

Ski club member Delaney Tench


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PiperJo Tripp
PiperJo Tripp
Piper is an amazing 10th grader who writes awesome articles. She is the best. Her articles are works of art. She is against clubs but participates in some awesome ones like ski club. She absolutely shreds on the mountain but her real passion is annoying Mrs. Davenfart.
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