Sunday, June 20, 2021

Ski Club Begins Its Season!

By: Delia Geyer/ Content Editor

Around this time every year in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the cold weather and snow are prominent weather factors. With the winter comes skiing season, and for Blue Ridge, that means it’s time for ski club for some students and teachers.

Every year students from Blue Ridge are able to participate in ski club, a program that brings participating students to Elk Mountain once a week for seven weeks. Students have the option to either bring their own skis and snowboards, or to rent them. The students that want to participate are bused to Elk Mountain in Union Dale PA. For Blue Ridge, the students go on Wednesdays after school until 9:00.

The students are chaperoned by Angela Zick, the Elementary Computers teacher, and Benjamin Orner, the Seventh Grade History and English teacher.

Freshman Andrew Scott, who is currently in his third year of participating in ski club, says that he originally joined ski club, (and continues to participate in the club) to hang out with friends. Scott says his favorite memory of ski club was when his ski fell off while riding up the ski lift because, “while it wasn’t too funny then, thinking back on it, it is really funny and memorable.” He says he will never forget that moment because he had to walk all the way down the whole mountain with only one ski on.

To anyone wondering if they should join ski club in the future or not, Scott says, “Everyone should join. It’s a good opportunity to try something new and have a good time.”

Mason Conklin Snowboarding

Holly Geyer Skiing

Delia Geyer
Delia Geyer is a 12th grade, second year journalism student. Her favorite pastimes include playing the violin and the clarinet, and hanging out with her two dogs Beezer and Roger.


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