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Silence in Public Speaking

Usually when students take a public speaking class they spend most of their time planning, writing and giving speeches, but that is not so for BR students.

In Aimee Krause’s public speaking class, students are tasked with creating silent films so they might learn to demonstrate nonverbal communication through facial expressions, hand gestures, and body movements.

“A powerful and important aspect of public speaking is the art of using nonverbal cues to enhance one’s message and really draw the audience in so they listen and connect with the speaker,” says Krause.

“This is an opportunity for my students to develop those nonverbal skills that couple with and make public speaking a captivating experience for the speaker’s audience.”

When the students are done making their silent films, Krause holds a film festival for her class.

Silent films from this year’s public speaking class can be viewed below.


See the project requirements here: https://www.raiderreader.org/42666-2/


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Kelbeigh Lankford
Kelbeigh Lankford
Kelbeigh Lankford is an involved 10th grader at BR. She is in Leo Club, Science Club, and plays Softball. Outside of school she likes to hang out with friends and family. She also loves constantly being outdoors and doing something athletic, creative or reading.
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