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Sibling Feature: Glover Sisters

By: Jack Condon/Business Operation Manager

Savannah and Rayne Glover, ask anyone in Blue Ridge about these two and they will immediately know one of them if not both. Senior Savannah and sophomore Rayne, are both active in the school, both being AP and honors students, and outside of school participating in softball year-round on the same travel softball team, Diamond Dusters. Savannah behind the plate in the catcher position and Rayne playing third base.

Inside of Blue Ridge the sisters also play on the Varsity Basketball and Softball teams.  Savannah serving as captain for the Basketball team in the 2019-2020 season is a vital part of the team’s success as a top scorer for a number of games, as well as playing an important role on the defensive end.  Rayne, a sophomore starter, has become a key player in the post position.  While she struggles with not fouling out, she has managed to imbed herself amongst the older players.

Much like on the basketball court, the sisters are also both starters on the softball field. Last season Savannah finished with a batting average of .394, and 2 home runs. Rayne finished with a batting average of .276. On the defensive side both Rayne and Savannah played strong.  Savannah held it down behind the plate and Rayne on the hot corner at thrid.

As much as parents want it to seem like they don’t, we know they all kind of have a favorite. When I asked their opinion on which of them is their favorite Rayne responded without hesitation that Paige, their older sister is the favorite, however, Savannah still believes she is her dad’s favorite.

Siblings have a tendency to share things and the Glovers are no exceptions, the sisters share things all the time and both agree it’s quite annoying when you go to find something and can’t cause your sister has it.  Rayne added in the fact that Savannah just takes things from her without telling and that gets on Rayne’s nerves.

All in all the sisters are influential to many sports programs and the academics at Blue Ridge.


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