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Should Blue Ridge Offer College Prep Classes?

By: Hannah Snedaker/Senior Writer

College prep classes are used to present difficult curriculum and tests to challenge students to prepare for courses taken in college. Many schools offer courses like these. The question is, should we have them and would it be beneficial?

Here are some responses to to this question from our students:

Foxlynn King replies, “Yes I do. I think it would be very beneficial.”

Tiffani Henke states, “Yes, I think they should focus more on how to take notes instead of guided notes. That is something really important in college. Time management should also be a part of that such as how to use an agenda.”

Stephanie Smith says, “I think they should offer it but it should not be a requirement. It would give people the preparation needed for their future and get them ready for what life outside of our small school is like. Although, we should not force those who are not ready.”

Senior Hanna McCarthy is not convinced college prep classes are for everyone.

“While it could be beneficial to offer college prep classes, the idea should not be forced on students. Some kids might not be going to college and may not want to take those classes.”

Currently, Blue Ridge offers Advanced Placement (AP) classes, honors classes and general classes, but not college prep classes.

For more information on the benefits of college prep classes go to, 


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Hannah Snedaker
Hannah Snedaker
Hannah Snedaker is in 12th grade. She is currently the treasurer of SADD and member of multiple clubs including, NHS, Leo Club, and Geocaching. Outside of school, Hannah enjoys hanging out with friends and family.
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