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Shirts for Jenna!

By: Milia Stilloe/ Sophomore Writer

Jenna Crocker, a student here at Blue Ridge, has been fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia for several months now. Crocker, a junior this year, has been fighting her battle since October. She will being going through five different phases of chemotherapy, and she has already completed her first two phases. In total, the treatment will take about two years and three months.

Currently, Crocker is doing cyber school, but she looks forward to being able to attend to Blue Ridge again. She still very much enjoys hanging out with her closest friends and coming to our sports events when her blood count is good. She has really kept up such a positive attitude and is an inspiration to her friends and family everyday.

Crocker’s family has created the idea to sell shirts that Jenna designed herself, in order to help with the costs incurred with her treatments. Mrs. Yuest has given all flex teachers a form to order a shirt. Long sleeves are $20 and short sleeves are $15. You can see your flex teacher to order a shirt or for anymore additional information!


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Milia Stilloe
Milia Stilloe
Milia Stilloe is a first year sophomore journalism writer. She participates in school volleyball and travel volleyball. She also is in multiple clubs and enjoys playing outside with her friends and family in her free time.
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