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Seven Mindsets

By: Jeane Fazzi/Junior Writer

To some students, Seven Mindsets might be a waste of time. However, according to health care professionals, it is quite the opposite.

Counselor Dawn McHale poses for the picture. Photo by: Jeane Fazzi

“Seven Mindsets is a social emotional learning program that the department of education is encouraging all districts to pursue,” says Blue Ridge Middle and High School counselor Dawn McHale. Seven mindsets started to help students with their emotional wellbeing, as well as to allow students to further explore the different mindsets needed. The Seven Mindsets program was issued by the government to better understand themselves and others.

“Seven Mindsets improves relationships, reduces behavioral issues, increases grit, and leads to improved academic performance. Educators and students report improved mental health and higher levels of confidence and hope, leading to positive lasting change.” According to the seven mindsets website.

Opinions on Seven Mindsets

Many people have different opinions on what they think Seven Mindsets is, why they need it, and if they actually need it. “I think it has powerful messages, and for students to learn about themselves and maybe other people and students. I hope it provides an avenue for students to seek help if they need it to get an opportunity to figure things out about their lives and how they can get through it or deal with what they are going through at this point.” Says Mitchell Less, history teacher at Blue Ridge. While some people like Less might have a positive outlook on the program, others might not have that same perspective.

Although many people are not sure how Seven Mindsets works, a lot of people seem to have a better opinion on it than others. When asked if Seven mindsets benefited the school or not, student Ashlee Sanchez said, “It’s really time consuming, but it does make some points.” So while some students like Sanchez may not exactly like the program or feel it is really needed, she also sees how it can be beneficial. Some other students, however, could like the Seven Mindsets program.

So what is your take on Seven Mindsets?

Read more about Seven Mindsets at:

Read more about mental healthy at


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Jeane Fazzi
Jeane Fazzi
Jeane Fazzi is a junior in Blue Ridge High school. Jeane is a transmasculine individual, who is always open for a chat or quick conversation. In his free time, he enjoys reading, writing, and exploring the different genres of music that people have to offer. His interest in reading began before he was even in kindergarten, and his hobby of writing started around fifth grade. From this experience, Jeane has learned the importance of time management, as well as better communication skills. When he graduates in 2025, he plans to either go to college for English, or for psychology and use his skills to write books, or to better understand the mental health of other people.
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