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Senior Trip Preview

By: Milia Stilloe and Makayla Shidagis/Sophomore Writers

At Blue Ridge, seniors go on a class trip in May every year as a one last fun time before they graduate and they’re put out in the real world. Many seniors have different outlooks on class trips; some think it’s fun and some don’t. Overall, the seniors who do go always seem to have a lot of fun when they’re there. Many underclassmen may wonder where our class of 2020 seniors are going this year, what will they be doing, and what a senior trip looks like. They also wonder what their class adviser does, which is help get them there, organize the things they do, where they stay etc.. This year, the seniors are going to Virginia Beach, and a couple of the seniors and staff going have said their opinion on what they’re looking forward to the most.

Madison Lord says that she’s “excited to go to the beach and to do fun things with my friends,” whereas Gavin Rosa is more excited “to not be in school.” Mykenzie Layton is anticipating the trip and the special day that follows their last time as a class together, saying that she can’t wait “for school to finally be over and have one last time with my class… and the beach.”

Director of Curriculum, Mr. Matthew Nebzydoski is accompanying the seniors on their trip, as he loves “to travel to new places with students who haven’t been to, like the ocean. The kids have had a lot of fun on previous trips, and there’s lots of new things for the students to experience.”

The seniors this year will be staying at Schooner Inn, in Virginia Beach. Saturday May 30th, the students will have to arrive at the school to be ready to check in their bags at 4:30 AM, their departure will be at 5:00 AM. They will have lunch on their route, but when they arrive in Bush Gardens, VA, they will have dinner in the park. Around 10 PM they will depart for lodging in Newport News, VA. From there on, they will have lot’s of activities and many fun things planned out for them on their trip, like surfing, fishing, going to an aquarium, etc.. Wednesday June 3rd, they will have a 7:00 AM breakfast, then at 8:00 AM, leave to return back from their exciting trip at Virginia Beach.


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Milia Stilloe
Milia Stilloe
Milia Stilloe is a first year sophomore journalism writer. She participates in school volleyball and travel volleyball. She also is in multiple clubs and enjoys playing outside with her friends and family in her free time.
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