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Senior Trip of 2019

By: Allyssa Johnson/Co-Editor in Chief

Blue Ridge’s class of 2019 embarked on their journey to Ocean City, Maryland on May 28. Students were accompanied by chaperones including Kimberly Davenport, Lucrecia Jesse, Matthew Nebzydoski, and the senior class advisor, Vincent LoRusso.

View from the hotel, sixth floor of the Grand Hotel and Spa, Ocean City, MD. PHOTO/Allyssa Johnson

While on the trip students got to visit the beautiful ocean, quench their craving for an adrenaline rush at Six Flags, enjoy the scrumptious food from some rather iconic restaurants, shop on the boardwalk, take a boat ride, and see Assateague Island National Seashore’s wild ponies.

Ocean City, MD PHOTO/Allyssa Johnson

Many hidden perks of the trip were seeing the dolphins that made an appearance on multiple occasions, the magnificent landscapes, the breathtaking sunrise and sunsets, finding your new favorite ice cream flavor, and making new friends from other places.

Kite flying on the beach at Ocean City, MD. PHOTO/Allyssa Johnson

Robert Reynolds, a fellow senior vacationer said, “I would say my favorite things about the trip would be the beach, hanging with my friends, the boat ride, and the boardwalk. It was nice to just get away from home and enjoy a nice vacation for a few days.”

Seniors enjoyed one of their last hurrahs as a grade. They made memories that will last a lifetime.


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