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Senior Trip and Necessities

By: Andre Evans / Senior Writer

The senior class of 2024 will be heading to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on May 27 and some seniors say many seniors say they know exactly what everyone should bring.

Isaiah Torres says to bring:

  • A bathing suit for swimming
  • Sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s rays
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes
  • Extra socks and blankets to stay cozy at night, and in case you end up losing a pair or two in your hotel rooms.

Rheanna Valentine says to bring:

  • Body wash and aloe to keep yourself freshened up during the trip
  • Shorts for walking around while it’s warm

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  • Snacks to not need to spend so much on food there
  • Headphones to listen to music while relaxing on the beach

Luke Shea says to bring:

  • Money for souvenirs, food, and all other things you could want and maybe need in case you forget to bring a few things  
  • A phone charger to make sure you can keep your phone alive
  • Bathroom necessities to make sure you’re clean
  • A checklist of places to go. You want to have at least some idea on what you want to do, so even a small checklist of only a few things works.

For more about trips that have been taken click here:

For more outside information visit:


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Andre Evans
Andre Evans
Andre Evans is a senior writer attending Blue Ridge School District. This is his second year of journalism. His main interests lie with video games, film, and overall story telling. He also has an interest in sales.
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