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Senior Misses His FIRST Day of High School EVER

By: Kaelin Hughes/Content Editor

If you’re a student here at Blue Ridge, you know that at the end of each school year awards are given out for perfect attendance.  If you’re familiar with this year’s senior class, then you know that Tyler Six has received perfect attendance three out of his four years of high school.

Tyler Six
Photo Credit: Ashley Goodwin

This year, though, Six has missed his first day of high school ever!  If he does not miss another day for the remainder of his senior year, Tyler will have been at Blue Ridge High School for 719 out of 720 days.  The last time Six missed school was when he was in middle school, due to an unfortunate knee injury; his recent absence was due to an illness.

Six states that he usually doesn’t miss school because his parents “won’t let him,” and that he really doesn’t care to.  He likes not missing school, though, because he doesn’t have to face the pile of make-up work that has the possibility of towering over him, since he’s in Honors/AP classes. 

Even though he thinks not missing school is nice for his academics, Tyler thinks that getting an award for his lack of absences isn’t really worth it.  “It’s nice, but I do think it’d be nice to take a day off once in a while to relax. To any student who doesn’t have perfect attendance, nice. It’s healthy for you to take a break sometimes, so, good job.”

Six anticipates the rest of his senior year, hopefully not missing any more school, and can’t wait for what it brings him, even though it will not be another perfect attendance award.


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