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Senior Feature: Thomas Gibson

By: Ben Marble/Junior Writer and Web Master

“We maintain the peace through our strength; weakness only invites aggression” -Ronald Reagan

Thomas Gibson is finally a senior at Blue Ridge High School. He aspires to be a U.S. Army Officer working for the Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Gibson plans on attending college at Cornell or Scranton University in hopes of joining the ROTC program (Reserve Officers Training Corps).

Throughout Gibson’s high school career he has participated in many activities, including Boy Scouts since sixth grade. At 14 he became an Eagle Scout and served as a junior assistant scoutmaster at the age of 15.

Gibson was also a varsity track member all four years of high school, played soccer during his freshman, sophomore and senior years, and is part of the sporter rifle team (10-12th grade). He also participated as president in a 4-H pistol club, as well as being a varsity trap captain during his junior and senior years. 

Gibson anticipates his next few years will be less stressful “because I’m going to start meeting new people that have the same interests as me, as well as work in a job field with those interests.”

If there was one thing he could tell the underclassmen It would be “In high school it seems like everyone wants to conform and be like everyone else. Most likely you want to feel like you are normal in everyone’s eyes. However, I can assure you this will not make you happy and you will have an identity crisis in the future. Just be you. Follow the interests you want to pursue. If that means someone thinks you’re weird, well then you’re weird. Embrace it.”  


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