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Senior Feature: Sophia Bianchi

By: Emily McCarthy/Junior Writer and Editor

Sophia Bianchi is a senior at Blue Ridge High School, in the class of 2024; her plans are to attend a college or university to get her BSN (Bachelor’s in Nursing) and then later go back to school to get a degree in Nurse practitioner or Nurse Anesthetist.

Sophia’s High School Life,

Throughout Sophia’s four years of high school at Blue Ridge, her favorite memory was Senior Sunrise.

Sophia states, “It was such an amazing time with not only my immediate friend group, but also being able to play games with and talk to other seniors, I might not interact with as much on a daily basis. I felt that it brought a lot of the senior class together, and it was a great way to start our senior year.”

In Sophia’s high school career, her favorite teacher was Mr. LoRusso; due to him being a mentor for her, whether it was band-related or personal, he was always there for her whenever she needed help. LoRusso repeatedly went out of his way to make sure Sophia along with her friend group had someone to go to for advice, and just a different perspective. Sophia wants LoRusso to know that she will forever be beyond grateful for everything he has done for her!

Sophia’s favorite class throughout high school was Ceramics.

“This year I was finally able to fit Ceramics into my schedule. I take it during the ninth period, and it is the most perfect way to end my day. Any frustrations or issues I have about the day, I can just take it out on the clay. By the time the ninth period comes, my brain is fried, and Ceramics is the perfect relaxing way to finish off my day. But not that it doesn’t take much thought, because it takes a lot when it comes to planning and techniques, but it’s a different type of thinking that changes it up from the rest of the day, making me more productive and excited.”

Sophia has been a very active member of her high school being involved in many clubs including, Band (eight years), Basketball Cheer (four years, co-captain two years), Competition Cheer (one year), Student Council (four years), Class Vice President (three years), SADD (three years), National Honors Society (three years), and Science Club (two years).

This past August, Sophia was crowned the 31st Harford Fair Queen and since then she has participated in many Queen-related activities. This includes the Pennsylvania State Fair Queen Contest where Sophia competed and was judged in many categories against sixty other queens for the state crown.

Sophia’s Advice to Underclassmen, “If you plan on going to college, start the process early. All teachers will do everything they can to help you succeed if you respectfully ask them for help.”

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Emily McCarthy
Emily McCarthy
Emily McCarthy is a junior at Blue Ridge High School, where she is the treasure of her class. Emily is a member of many clubs including Art club, Science club, FBLA, Leo club, student council, and SADD. Emily loves to cheer, she does competition along with basketball cheer. One of her favorite things to do outside of school is spending time with friends and family. 
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