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Senior Feature: Sarah Marble

By: Ben Marble/Sophomore Writer

 “Let all you do be done in love.” – 1 Corinthians 16:14

Sarah Marble is finally a senior. She is excited to graduate high school and see what lies beyond the brick walls of Blue Ridge.

Marble’s dream job is to become a neonatal nurse. Her plans after high school are to pursue a career as a registered nurse and earn a Bachelor’s in Science Nursing (BSN) degree. Following her BSN, she is also interested in earning a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree to become a nurse practitioner.

Throughout Marble’s high school career, she has participated in Band, Prom Committee, National Honor Society, Student Council, and being the Class Treasurer for all four years of high school. In her community, she has served as a Captain Junior Volunteer at Geisinger CMC and a Blood Donor Ambassador for the American Red Cross. Marble has also participated in Susquehanna County 4-H serving as a secretary for both her club and the county.

Sarah Marble would like to leave the underclassman with some advice.

She says, “When there are times you feel like the entire world is falling around you, and you have no control as to what happens, or you feel overwhelmed and stressed, all you can do is take things as they come; and take each day one day at a time. Even when things feel like they can’t get better, they will. Just take a deep breath, keep your head held up high, and remember that you can get through anything. The only thing you can’t do is give up.”


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