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Senior Feature: Sam Callahan

By:Madeline Naylor/Senior Writer

Senior Sam Callahan plans to study business management and administration.

“I want to do this so I can hopefully work for a company and move up in the ranks, having a high quality, good paying job.”

Callahan has participated in Susquehanna football (10th-12th).

Photo Taken By: Unknown

He has also been 2024’s class treasurer (10th-12th). In the clubs, FBLA (10th-12th), Leo Club (10th-12th), NHS (10th-12th), Science Club (10th-12th), Student Council (10th-12th), SADD (10th-12th).

Sam’s favorite high school memory was senior sunrise.

“I got to hang out with all of my friends from my class and just had a chill, relaxing, peaceful morning watching the sunrise.”

Q & A with Sam Callahan

R.R. What will you miss most from Blue Ridge High School?

S.C. I will miss my friends and hope we can stay in touch after we graduate.

R.R. Who is your favorite teacher?

S.C. I do not have a favorite teacher, I respect and like them all equally.

R.R. What is your favorite class this year?

S.C. My favorite class this year is English 12.

R.R. What is your favorite lunch from the school’s cafeteria?

S.C. Hot ham and cheese on the pretzel roll.

R.R. Do you have any advice for underclassmen?

S.C. Stay positive, have fun and live in the moment.

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Madeline Naylor
Madeline Naylor
Madeline Naylor is a senior at Blue Ridge School District, this is her first year in journalism. She spends most of her time running and hanging out with her friends. In the future she will attend Misericordia running track and cross country, also pursuing a major in social work.
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