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Senior Feature: Ryan Stallings

By: Grace Graf/Senior Writer

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. -Steve Jobs

Ryan Stallings plans to attend Misericordia University to pursue an information technology degree with a specialization in information technology security.

“I have always been interested in technology, and I think technology security is a wide-open field right now. Everybody needs protection against security threats, needs to protect their information.”

As Stallings prepares to graduate, he says his high school days will always be part of his favorite memories.

Ryan Stallings and his friends decompress at the library with a short game of Uno between classes. Photo by: Devon Valentin.

“My absolute favorite memory involves my AP study hall this year. A group of my friends routinely played Uno. It may have not been the best use of time, but we had fun as a small group and it helped us get our minds off the stressful parts of school.”

Stallings says he felt a lot of support throughout high school.

“The people who helped me through the high school years were the friends that I was surrounded by each and every day. My parents also helped me. They were always there and always pushing me to do my best.”

Even though Stallings says he is ready to move on to college, he also says there are things he will miss about Blue Ridge.

Geocaching trip 2023; Ryan Stallings is to the far right. Photo courtesy of Ben Orner, geocaching advisor.

“Something that I will miss the most about my high school experience is going on the Geocaching trips with Mr. Orner and Mr. Treible. It was just so nice to go hiking and get outside for a school trip. The positive experiences that I had in this club will be hard for me to let go.”

Throughout school, Stallings participated in a variety of extracurricular activities.

Pictured left to right, cross country coach Matthew Nebzydoski, seniors Duncan Geyer and Ryan Stallings, and coach Janelle Tench celebrate senior night 2023. Photo by: Nick Swaha

He was a member of the cross country team for six years; track and field for three years; Ski Club for five years; Envirothon for three years, and Geocaching Club for five years.

Stallings says mixing academic and extracurricular gave him balance.

His advice for the underclassmen, he says, is: “Try your best, and try not to let one bad grade negatively affect your day or even your week.”



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Grace Graf
Grace Graf
Grace always loved to write which is what led her to taking journalism. She works very hard in school and is always studying. Outside of school Grace loves to spend her time outdoors and with friends and family. During the summer you will find Grace on her horse either on a trail ride or at a horse show.
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