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Senior Feature: Ryan Glatzel

By: Carissa Zawiski/Editor in Chief

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” -Wayne Dyer

Glatzel’s high school career at Blue Ridge is soon coming to an end, but he already has planned what’s to come next. He hopes to continue helping with the backstage crew for theater productions. He has decided to pursue a degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences and is unsure if he wants to be in clubs associated with his major. He anticipates that the next years compared to high school will be scary, but exciting. He says, “It’s a new chapter full of different things and new adventures.”

During his time at Blue Ridge, Glatzel kept himself busy participating in school activities. He has been apart of band for 7 years playing the trumpet, he has been in Theater for 6 years, and performed in 6 shows and helped backstage with 3 shows. In his Sophomore year Glatzel decided to try Track and Field for 1 year, and he has been apart of National Honor Society for 2 years.

Glatzel says his dream job would be anything to do in film or work backstage on Broadway. He added, “I think it’d be so cool to put together a film or show and be there start to finish.”

When asked what advice would Glatzel give to underclassmen, he responded “Don’t wait. Get a head start on things so you’re not as stressed. Also have fun. Don’t take everything so serious, you never know when your going to make a memory.”


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