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Senior Feature: Patrick Brennan

By: Alec Martin/Co-Social Media Director

“If you run into enemies, you’re going the right way” -Anonymous

Patrick Brennan’s plans after high school are to get an associate degree in Sciences and see what happens next. When asked if he will participate in any clubs in college he responded, “If the college offers any esports club I will participate in that, but nothing else.”

His dream job is to become a Marine Biologist because he loves the ocean and everything in it.

Brennan’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Kimberly Davenport because “she complements my singing voice, and she is a very nice teacher.”

Brennan has participated in journalism during his senior year, which is advised by his favorite teacher.

He anticipates the next few years to be a lot better than now.

His advice to underclassmen is “Be persistent, but pace yourself. It will pay off in the end.”


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Tyler Hillard
Tyler Hillard
5 years ago

Moes is better

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