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Senior Feature: Parker Dissinger

By: Allyssa Johnson/Co-Editor in Chief

"Get at least eight hours of sleep, nine if you're ugly."

                                                         Betty White

Parker Dissinger, also known as “ladies man,” can be found spouting off sarcasm, talking with friends, or hanging in gym classes. Dissinger has participated in varsity soccer for four years, as well as varsity volleyball for two. He plans to attend a technical school for welding, but is still unsure of where he will attend. His dream job is to be a football sports manager.

His favorite memory from his senior year was “Ms. Ross’ third period class. I enjoyed picking on her about pickle ball.”

Dissinger anticipates the next few years to “be a heck of a lot better.” He advises underclassmen to “do your work unlike myself.” 

If you are a senior at Blue Ridge High School and wish to be “featured,” fill out the Senior Feature Questionnaire.


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