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Senior Feature: McKenna Lankford

By: Abby Laude/Senior Feature

I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence. -Ayrton Senna

Senior McKenna Lankford plans to study for a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences with an emphasis in pre-medical studies. After this, she plans ongoing to medical school to become a doctor of osteopathic medicine and become a family physician.

At Blue Ridge High School, she was involved in Leo Club (six years), chorus (six years), drama (eight years), band (seven years), National Honors Society (three years, and softball (four years).

Senior Picture of Mckenna holding a softball. 
Picture by: Samantha Allen

Lankford’s favorite high school memory is when she hit a walk off double her sophomore year or hitting a grand slam last year against one of her former travel teammates. She said, ” It almost sent my grandpa into tears. It showed me how proud he truly was.”

After graduation, Lankford is going to miss the random conversations she would have with her teachers.

Lankford’s favorite teacher is Vincent LoRusso. She says, “He has always pushed me and even though I thought he used to hate me and want me gone, he showed me I just needed some tougher skin.”

Asked to name a mentor, she says her grandfather is definitely the one who always pushed her, helped her, and calmed her down when she was upset.

Lankford’s favorite class was APUSH with Katie Bailey. Lankford says, “She always made it interesting and funny by picking on Luke.”

Lankford’s favorite school lunch is ham and cheese on a pretzel roll. 

Lankford’s advice to underclassman is as stated, “Do not take all four years to study like crazy and only do school work. It is okay to not take AP classes. Have fun while you are here and enjoy it.”

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Abby Laude
Abby Laude
Abby Laude is heading into her senior year which makes her a 2024 graduate. She is apart of Prom Committee, National Honors Society, and SADD. She is also on the varsity softball team where she spends most of her time. Her future plans consist of going to college to obtain a bachelor's degree in Human Services, but she is unsure of what job to specifically pursue. Outside of school, Abby likes to camp, shop, and hang out with family. 
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