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Senior feature: Madison Gelinger

By: Alisa Dauro/Senior Writer

As Madison’s senior year is coming to an end, her plans for her future are just around the corner. She will be attending Carteret Community College in North Carolina to get her liberal arts degree. After getting her liberal arts degree, she will transfer to another school for a degree in psychology. Madison’s dream job is to be a school psychologist.

While in college, she doesn’t want to participate in any activities or sports so she can focus on her school work.

In high school, Madison participated in basketball for three years. Then, her senior year, she started management. 

Madison anticipates that college is going to be way harder than high school with the amount of work they will be given.

The advice that she would like to give to the underclassmen is, “Get your work done on time or it will pile up.”

A quote that Maddie believes suits her high school life this year is: “You can’t move forward without saying goodbye to the past.”


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Alisa Dauro
Alisa Dauro
Alisa is a senior now in her first year of journalism. She is interested in working at Subway and really loves to spend time with her boyfriend and  watch Netflix when she gets the time to do so.
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