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Senior Feature: Madeline Naylor

By: Caila George/Assistant Senior Feature Editor

Senior, Madeline Naylor, has future plans to attend Misericordia University. She will study social work and run cross country and indoor and outdoor track. Naylor, being the well rounded student she is, was involved in SADD Club for 2 years, Science Club for 3 years, Intramural Club for 2 years, and Leo Club for 3 years.  Ms. Naylor is an avid cross country runner and loves spending time with her team, she is a two time state qualifier and also a district medalist. Maddie started running in 9th grade and never looked back.

Madeline with Misericordia Hat after signing/Photo Taken By: Olivia Philips

Madeline’s favorite high school memory is going to states for cross country. After graduation, Madeline is going to miss her friends and all the fun times they’ve had together.

Madeline’s favorite teachers are Mrs. Heller and Mrs. Decker, she is so thankful for how supportive they are of her and enjoys hanging out with them. Madeline sees the both of them as her mentors and loves to listen to all of their wise advice. 

Madeline’s favorite class was economics because of Mr. Orner and his antics. 

Madeline has packed her lunch for as long as she could remember, so she doesn’t necessary have a favorite lunch, but in her lunch bag you would find PB&J, a chocolate chip granola bar, goldfish, pretzels, grapes, cucumbers, pickles, and finally pepperoni cheese and crackers.

Madeline’s advice to under-classmen is to “Have fun, but stay focused.”

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Caila George
Caila George
Caila is a senior that is striving for greatness in school to pursue her dream to become an Event Planner and run track and field in college. Caila runs for the track and field team here at Blue Ridge. In Caila’s free time, she enjoys the company of her friends and family. Caila loves to read books, run, and work hard to achieve her dreams. She is a part of the National Honor Society, Leo Club, SADD, Prom Committee, and Events and Operations Assistant for Blue Ridge’s Athletic Director.
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