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Senior Feature: Lydia Andusko

By: Brandon Findley/Senior Writer

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

Motivation, determination, and perseverance. Those are three qualities that can really define a person and their goals. Lydia Andusko, a highly intelligent and hard working senior at Blue Ridge possesses all of those traits and more. 

During her highschool years at Blue Ridge she has certainly juggled a lot of various clubs and sports while also taking some of the most challenging classes the school has to offer. She participates in Track and Field, Volleyball, Envirothon, NHS, Leo Club, Student Council, Science Club, Prom Committee, Scholastic Team, Ski Club, and is a member of the school band. 

When asked about plans after high school and  if she would be interested in participating in similar activities in college she said, “My plans after highschool are to go to college. I am open to joining clubs, but am unsure which at this time.”

Lydia’s advice to the underclassmen is: “Try to push yourself to your limit, but not past it. Follow the things that are important to you to make sure you enjoy high school.”

As Lydia moves on she knows the next few years will be challenging and more “demanding in terms of work” however she is staying optimistic and also says, “I expect there will be more opportunities.” Needless to say the future is bright and hopeful for Lydia Andusko and all of the people close to her will be excited to see what’s next. 


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