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Senior Feature: Luis Tobon

By: Kyra Powell/Content Editor

“Always carry a screwdriver around just in case you need to take apart something. Like a relationship. Screwdrivers can take apart relationships. Or bodies. They’re good for that too.” -Daniel Tierney, 2016.

Luis Tobon has participated in various activities throughout his high school career. He is member of SADD (2 years), Scholastic Bowl (2 years), The treasurer and then president of FBLA (2 years), and a content editor on the Raider Reader staff.

After he graduates, Tobon will “begin his campaign for world domination” starting in the fall at the University of Pittsburgh. He will be working towards obtaining a degree in biological science/neuroscience, with minors in chemistry and philosophy.

When we asked Tobon if he’d be participating in any extracurriculars, he responded, “I plan on getting more involved with the community, most likely joining a few organizations pertaining to my major, and possibly a judo club.”

“Pittsburgh seems like a very lively but welcoming community, and personally I think I’ll love it. It’s a nice intermediate between big city life and rural community, with plenty of things to keep me busy,” says Tobon.

We also asked Tobon what his dream job would be.

“Supreme world dictator. Or a surgeon. Either way, there will be blood.”

And his advice for underclassmen?

“Some short and simple things to remember:

  • Maintain your dignity, but be humble.
  • Sometimes you or other people are wrong, but life is a lot more pleasant if you’re polite and respectful about it.
  • Your pride is important, but don’t let that stop you from doing the right thing.
  • Being smart isn’t dictated by the ink on paper, because your strengths will be everywhere.
  • Don’t let fear hold you back, let it motivate you.
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it’s a lot more comfortable to cry in a Lamborghini than on a bicycle.
  • Trust the process.”


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Kyra Powell
Kyra Powell
Kyra Powell is a senior at Blue Ridge, who will have been in 16 musicals by the time she graduates! Kyra enjoys singing, playing guitar, piano, ukulele, and going outside. After high school, Kyra plans on moving to Florida where she can spend more time outside with her family (where there’s never snow!)
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