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Senior Feature: Lizzy Solonewitz

By: Alisa Dauro/ Senior Writer

A Quote that exemplifies Lizzies BRHS experience is: “Do what makes you happy, not what makes others happy.” -Anonymous

As Lizzy’s senior year is coming to an end, she still has her feature planned out. Her plans after high school are to attend a college or a trade school!

As she’s in college, she plans to participate in cheerleading and ceramics. The sports she would love to be involved in, in college are cheerleading and softball.

She believes the next few years will be more confusing rather than being in high school. The advice she has for the underclassman is, “good luck!” It can get harder but it’s very much worth it in the end.

Lizzy’s dream job is to be an art therapist. As she is very good at talking to people and helping them out in any way she can.


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Alisa Dauro
Alisa Dauro
Alisa is a senior now in her first year of journalism. She is interested in working at Subway and really loves to spend time with her boyfriend and  watch Netflix when she gets the time to do so.
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