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Senior Feature: Kyra Powell

By: Kaelin Hughes/Junior Writer

“If you work for a living, why kill yourself working?” – Tuco, The Ugly (from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly)

Kyra Powell is a very involved senior here at Blue Ridge High School. Along with being a content editor and author for the Raider Reader, Powell will join the Blue Ridge Track team for the upcoming season, has been in chorus throughout all of her high school and middle school career, and has been in 12 theater productions, helping in the backstage crew for productions, and has additionally helped direct four middle school shows. She has also been in geocaching for 4 years.

Powell has competed in the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association’s (PMEA) chorus competition as a Soprano One for three years, qualifying for Regions all three years (and hopes that she qualifies for States this year). She has ranked as high as 2nd at the Pre-Audition level junior year and 3rd at the District level sophomore year.

Powell’s plans after high school include moving to Florida to pursue a career as a real estate agent, then later going to college to pursue her passions and interests, like music theory, instrument repair, movie editing, and glass art, which serve as backups for what careers she could pursue. Her dream job is to work as an actor or on a stage crew for a musical, since she loves the stage so much. She would also love to do anything involving music or creating it.

Powell anticipates that the next few years after high school will be wild, hectic, and unimaginable, because living in Florida will be completely different than any other experience she’s had before. She knows the initial “culture shock” will wear off, and hopes that her life will be smooth sailing from there.

Powell’s advice for underclassmen would be to not be afraid to give 110% for your passions, but not to overwork yourself, since it can lead to collapse. She urges that underclassmen go with the flow and let the little things that won’t matter in five years go.


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