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Senior Feature: Kaylynn Brumett

By: Brynne Cordsen/Senior Writer

Blue Ridge High School senior Kaylynn Brumett is gearing up for a gap year before going to college. During this hiatus, she intends to join the workforce, where she will diligently save up for her future tuition. Brumett plans for a career in either English or Marine Biology.

Having joined Blue Ridge in 2022 as a junior, Brumett has left a notable mark during her time here. One of her most favorite high school memories at Blue Ridge is the moment she achieved a five on her AP U.S. Government and Politics exam, triumphantly declaring, “take that Mr. Orner!”–a tribute to her AP teacher, Ben Orner, who she feels “greatly challenged” her.

In 2023, Kaylynn was elected vice-president of BRPride. Simultaneously, she balances her academic and extracurricular commitments with a part-time job at Chuck-E-Cheese since September 2023, where she dedicates about 15 hours per week.

Now, let’s dive into Brumett’s insights as she shares more about her high school journey in the Q&A below.


Q&A with Kaylynn

R.R. What will you miss most about Blue Ridge High School?

K.B. The teachers and how supportive they are

R.R. Who is your favorite teacher, and why?

K.B. Mrs. Vaccaro and Mr. Orner are my favorite teachers. Mrs. Vaccaro is my most supportive teacher and Mr. Orner is the funniest teacher.

R.R. What is your favorite class this year?

K.B. AP macroeconomics

R.R. What is your favorite lunch from the school’s cafeteria?

K.B. Chicken tenders

R.R. Do you have any advice for underclassmen?

K.B. Don’t wait to do the things you love.


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Brynne Cordsen
Brynne Cordsen
Brynne (she/her), a senior at BRHS, is a Star Wars fanatic, big-dog lover, and an avid writer. She is also the founder of BRPride and has been elected president of the GSA for two consecutive years. Together, she and Kaylynn Brumett (the Vice President of BRPride) edit articles for the wonderful and magnificent Mrs. Davenport.
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