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Senior Feature: Katie Gordon

By: Madeline Naylor/Senior Writer

Senior Katie Gordon, plans to enroll in online dog grooming courses although she is still unsure which one she plans to participate in she has the goal of becoming a dog groomer.

“I enjoy meeting new people and am very social. I also love to meet new dogs.”

Gordon’s favorite high school memory involves creating a Crucible trailer for English 11.

She explained, “I loved how it came together and we laughed often during the scenes.”

Gordon says the two things she will miss at Blue Ridge are using the weight room for free and Ben Orner’s classes.

“Mr. Orner is my favorite teacher because he was logical with assignments, and his discussions and jokes kept us engaged. He managed to make every subject as interesting as possible.”

Gordon’s favorite class so far this year was weightlifting.

She said, “It gave me a set time to actually weight lift. I got some good advice from the guys there for workouts.”

Another class Katie enjoys is creative writing,

Gordon stated, “Creative writing class helped me express how I felt about certain topics and to come up with ideas. It was also fun to share my work with the class.”

She also shared what she found important about writing in general.

“When I have these ideas of stories I think it is important to share because why keep that world to yourself.”

With Katie Gordon’s chapter coming to a close at BR she left a little advice for the underclassmen.

She explained, “working on group projects can be enlightening for you and coordinating with one another can cause you to create something you never expected from yourselves.”

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Madeline Naylor
Madeline Naylor
Madeline Naylor is a senior at Blue Ridge School District, this is her first year in journalism. She spends most of her time running and hanging out with her friends. In the future she will attend Misericordia running track and cross country, also pursuing a major in social work.
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