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Senior Feature: Kaleb Norton

By: Abby Laude/Senior Feature Editor

Senior Kaleb Norton’s future plans are to go into the manufacturing of blue stone and slate stone.

At Blue Ridge High School, Norton is involved in FBLA (1 year), class president (junior year), and Intramural (1 year). 

Norton’s favorite high school memory is his senior homecoming. He was on homecoming court and his date was Delaney Tench.

After graduation, Norton is going to miss nothing. Norton says, “This place just shaped me. It never has and never will define me as a person.”

Norton’s favorite teacher is the high school principal, Casey Webster. This is because “she was my favorite teacher because she has always been understanding and willing to help. I had some rough patches within my three years in Blue Ridge, but she didn’t let it define me like every other teacher and student here. I had gone through a lot of loss that nobody knew about and I was mentally in a dark place. She didn’t let me stay in the dark. She motivated me and made me get my stuff together. She was the first to make me feel welcome and the first person that I can genuinely say became a true friend at Blue Ridge.”  To add on, his mentor also was Webster. 

Norton’s favorite class was his tenth grade biology class with Shirley Motyka. He said, “It was my first year back at Blue Ridge and it was the class of foundation for my friends.”

Motyka gave a lot of work but even more help. I even found one of my favorite movies “Gattaca” in that class.”

Norton’s favorite school lunch is mac and cheese.

Norton’s advice to under class men is “don’t let it define you. You’re only here until you’re legal.”

Weekend by the Bay
Photo by: Katelyn Scott

“Watch me win.” – Kaleb Norton

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Abby Laude
Abby Laude
Abby Laude is heading into her senior year which makes her a 2024 graduate. She is apart of Prom Committee, National Honors Society, and SADD. She is also on the varsity softball team where she spends most of her time. Her future plans consist of going to college to obtain a bachelor's degree in Human Services, but she is unsure of what job to specifically pursue. Outside of school, Abby likes to camp, shop, and hang out with family. 
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