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Senior Feature: Kaelin Hughes

By: Madison Welsted/Content Editor

“Our greatest glory is not never failing, but in rising every time we fall.” -Confucius

Kaelin Hughes is excited to be an early graduating Senior this year (view On Track to Graduate Early for more details). Although she is only sixteen years old, she is a hardworking student and is currently taking many Honors and AP level courses. In her Sophomore year, Hughes joined Leo Club, and was inducted as a member of the National Honor Society. Additionally, Kaelin has been a dedicated journalism student for two years, earning her Content Editor position this school year.

Hughes balances her time in school with her music and theater interests. Over the years, she has participated in many of the school musical productions with lead and supporting roles. Her favorite musical so far was the “Music Man.” She practices passionately when it comes to her auditions, and her hard work has been rewarding. In chorus, Kaelin is a part of the select choir, and has qualified for the PMEA Districts chorus festival for District 9 as a 12th place Alto 1.

Kaelin’s path for the future is not definite, but she plans to attend college. She says, “I’d love to work in theater education, but I’d also really like to pursue anything related to political science.” Currently, she is likely to major in political science and possibly minor in theater. She has already been accepted to Misericordia University, and has applied to Wilkes University, University of Scranton, Penn State, Binghamton University, Temple University, and Marywood University.

Kaelin’s anticipation for the future is that it will be quite different, but extremely fun. She is very excited to attend college and have a fresh start. As she is leaving high school, she has some advice for underclassmen. “Don’t wish your youth away. Enjoy everything while it lasts!” Going forward, she will keep this in mind on her path to success.


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Madison Welsted
Madison Welsted
Madison will be a young graduate at 17, but she is looking forward to finishing her senior year of high school. In the future, she plans to earn her master's degree in a major related to psychology, as she aspires to become a one-on-one counselor. She works at Subway and babysits to help save money. In her free time, she likes to read, write, and talk to people, so journalism is a topic of interest to her for sure.
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