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Senior Feature: Jocelyn Frantz

By: Madeline Naylor/Senior Writer

Senior Jocelyn Frantz, plans on attending college to major in music education with a focus in piano.

“I would like to become a high school choir teachers someday, I think its the perfect job for me because it combines my passion for music with my want to help out other kids like me find their place.”

Frantz has participated in Science Club (12th), Multicultural club (12th), Sadd (12th), NHS (11th-12th), Musical Theater (5th-12th), and Choir Assistant Director (5th-12th).

Jocelyn’s favorite high school memory was every chorus field trip.

“We have always have the best of time even when we’re completely unprepared or overtired from a full day of travel”

Q & A with Jocelyn Frantz

R.R. What will you miss most from Blue Ridge High School?

J.F. I will miss the chill of high school and chatting with Ms.Z.

R.R. Who is your favorite teacher, and why?

J.F. Ms.Z, she gave me so many opportunities that I probably wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else or from anyone else. That really helped me improve my confidence. She never failed to check up on me and keep me in line with a positive mindset.

R.R. What is your favorite class this year?

J.F. One of my many chorus independent studies.

R.R. What is your favorite lunch from the school’s cafeteria?

J.F. Pasta. Its the only lunch I get.

R.R. Do you have any advice for underclassmen?

J.F. Don’t get behind, everything piles up so fast.


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Madeline Naylor
Madeline Naylor
Madeline Naylor is a senior at Blue Ridge School District, this is her first year in journalism. She spends most of her time running and hanging out with her friends. In the future she will attend Misericordia running track and cross country, also pursuing a major in social work.
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