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Senior Feature: Ella Robinson

By: Madeline Naylor/Senior Writer

Senior Ella Robinson plans to go to college for criminal justice to accomplish her dream of being part of the law enforcement.

“I have always wanted to do this kind of work since I was young.”

Robinson, is a member of the school’s girl basketball (7th-12th) and track and field (11th-12th), teams.

While being a athlete, she also plays a part in the school’s drama club (5th-12th).

Ella’s favorite high school memory is of district and regional chorus events because the day they leave, they get to skip their classes and spend the day singing.

Q & A with Ella Robinson

R.R. What will you miss most from Blue Ridge High School?

E.R. I will miss doing musicals.

R.R. Who is your favorite teacher, and why?

E.R. Mrs. Z because if I ever needed a break or someone to talk to she would help me out.

R.R. What is your favorite class this year?

E.R. Chorus, every year.

R.R. What is your favorite lunch from the school’s cafeteria?

E.R. Mozzarella sticks

R.R. Do you have any advice for underclassmen?

E.R. Please wear deodorant and stop all petty drama.


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Madeline Naylor
Madeline Naylor
Madeline Naylor is a senior at Blue Ridge School District, this is her first year in journalism. She spends most of her time running and hanging out with her friends. In the future she will attend Misericordia running track and cross country, also pursuing a major in social work.
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