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Senior Feature: Dylan Stone

By: Ryan Glatzel/Junior Writer

“I don’t like quotes.” -Dylan Stone

Throughout Dylan Stone’s high school experience, he participated in two years of Journalism, sophomore and senior year, and two years of Track and Field, junior and senior year.

When asked about his plans after high school, Stone responded saying “I plan on taking a gap year to live life a little, and hopefully make some money for savings, and then move on to college.”

Stone says he’d like to play a sport during college, but he’s unsure of which one yet.

Stone says his dream job would be a mix between scuba diving and deep sea fishing for a living. “Unrealistic, I know, but still.”

When asked how Stone anticipates the next few years will be, he said, “Definitely more freedom, but also a little more real as I’ll be on my own and independent.”

He would like to leave Blue Ridge’s underclassmen with this advice: “There are only 4 years of high school. You really have to enjoy it. Do everything you can and live it up.”


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Ryan Glatzel
Ryan Glatzel
Ryan Glatzel is a second year journalism student who likes to try new things. He's a senior who participates in band, theater, and NHS. After high school he plan to attend Marywood University to major in Biology.
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