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Senior Feature: Cassidy Parker

By: Rayne Glover/Junior Writer and Social Media Director

“Drive fast, take chances.”

Cassidy Parker is a part of the class of 2021 at Blue Ridge this year. In her past years here, she has been a part of National Honor Society, the softball team, and the basketball cheer team. In college, she hopes to be able to join a club or activity that involves painting and drawing.

Cassidy is going to college with an undecided major because she doesn’t want to rush into anything, and she wants to be sure of what she wants before making a final decision. However, within the next 10 years, she hopes to see herself as a fashion photographer. Parker says that she is definitely looking forward to her next chapter in life, and even more excited to experience adulthood and what the future has in store for her.

For the underclassman at Blue Ridge, Cassidy’s advice to you is “It’s better to have two good friends rather than a group of stingy people.”


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Rayne Glover
Rayne Glover
Rayne Glover is a first year student in journalism who enjoys learning, reading, and writing about current news/events. She’s a junior who participates in softball, basketball, and other out of school activities. Inspired by a past graduate, Savannah Glover, Rayne decided to join journalism. She is planning on attending college, but is still indecisive about where she wants to go and what she wants to major in.
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